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2568 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Taiwania 2568 days ago
本 Hackpad 為中華民國維基媒體協會 (Wikimedia Taiwan) 的 Hackpad,主要放置會務、計畫規劃與執行相關討論等主題。

684 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ahlam Majid 684 days ago
Ahlam M The Most Essential Functions of Your Car That You Should Be Aware Of
Many of us have long held the desire to own a car, and many have already achieved this goal, either with or without specific assistance. Our ability to make purchases is expanding daily, and there are also enough financial resources available.
And nowadays, owning a car is not difficult. But how much do people actually know about the many crucial car functions? 
The reason for bringing these things up is that modern cars are outfitted with a variety of features that help us in a variety of ways, including taking care of our cars and performing preventive maintenance when necessary to avoid costly damages. Let’s go through some essential functions of your car.
Utilisation of Hazard Lights 
When you are planning to block the road, the hazard lights are useful. It means that if you are driving slowly to pull over or have stopped, you can use hazard lights to warn other road users and protect yourself.
Typically, a red triangle-shaped button in the centre of the dashboard is used to turn on the hazard warning lights. The instrument cluster's two indicator lights will flash simultaneously if the hazard warning lights are activated.
There is no denying in the fact that your car is prone to break down and if it happens on a busy road, you have to be sure of your safety. 
Application of Cruise Control
Cruise control is a great utility that comes with a number of cars. It allows you to drive a vehicle at a constant speed while you do not need to press the accelerator. It remains active until you do not press the brake. However, you can press the accelerator with or without brakes.
However, if you press the accelerator without brakes, the car slows down again to run on the same constant speed. Therefore, you have to press brake to deactivate the cruise control.
If you notice the benefits of this utility, it is evident that a driver is free from pressing the accelerator and he/she does not get tired even for long driving.  Apart from that, a car run on a constant speed, specifically that is favourable for best fuel efficiency. For longer drives, it helps us in saving some money on our fuel too.
Some vehicles have buttons on the steering wheel that can be used to accelerate or slow down the vehicle. Some more recent vehicles have radar cruise control, which will modify your speed in response to the speed of the vehicle in front of you.
Apply Window Lock
You can easily lock the backseat window to prevent the rear seat passengers open their windows accidentally. It is activated by the button that is available at the driver’s doors
Adjust the Wing Mirrors
It is up to you and conditions how you adjust the mirrors. Under normal driving conditions, you should make such adjustments so that you can view your car as well as the road behind it.
A driver often encounters sharp edges, especially during reversing a car. However, there are options available for the assistance such as reverse camera, but it cannot help in sharp and edged corners.
While reversing, it requires an adjustment so that you can view lower section of your car so that there is enough visibility to escape the edges.
Nowadays, the majority of the wing mirror adjustments are made electronically. To choose which side to adjust, you will use a selector and a controller. Some automobiles will automatically lower mirror when reversing.
Keep an Eye on Engine Light 
Your car's dashboard is a real asset. Of course! Dashboard provides important information for you. However, it demonstrates its value when discussing the engine.
If the check engine light is giving you the right information, you can make a proactive decision. When an engine has issues, such as a worn head gasket or a loose timing belt, the check engine light comes on.
This straightforward warning saves the lives because there is time to act to prevent something equally disastrous. It might be an unexpected engine failure or a warning sign of a serious problem. 
As dashboard lights differ between auto manufacturers, your owner's manual will explain what they mean, and it's possible that they don't elaborate on how significant or unimportant specific lights are.
The three primary colours of light in most automobiles each convey a distinct message. A red light warns of a serious problem that requires immediate attention. Yellow requests that you look into the problem right away.
In case your car is intimating any message, never delay it and take action appropriately as it might require a timing belt replacement or a new head gasket.
Apart from understanding about these issues, one important factor to keep in mind is adhering to a car maintenance schedule.
However, there is specific distance and time period for individual vehicle to go through the maintenance, but eventually it depends on you how much are your alert about the situation. 
There are a number of maintenance things that a car require after a certain period of time such as car oil change, tyre rotation or any filter replacement, etc.
If you are in need of a trusted partner for your car service, Service My Car is worthy option. Here you can request a quote for car repair at our website or app easily.
If you are looking for any kind of car garage then you can get help from car service provider such as Service My Car, omanicar, autoresort and more.
722 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jordan Rhodes 722 days ago
Jordan R Is Your Car Frequently Overheating? Here’s How to Fix It
As your car draws power from the engine’ combustion process, there is always be heat due to the burning of fuel.
However, the cooling system does its work to keep the extra heat away to allow your car’s engine function properly.
However, you won’t be in the middle of nowhere with an overheating car. The cooling system has a task to do to manage the excessive heat from your. But, there may be some instances when it may stop working and lead to a heated condition.
A car utilizes two ways to cool its engine. One is using the coolant or antifreeze. It is a liquid to manage the temperature once it comes in contact with engine. Other is the engine oil that also helps in getting things cool down.
However, a cooling system failure is not just one reason behind an overheated car. There are a whole lot of reasons that might be cause a car to overheat. Read on these factors here.
Defective Thermostat
This part of your car cooling system manages the flow of the coolant. It controls the flow of the coolant, especially when the engine heats. 
It consist a valve that does the trick when to open and get closed as per requirement.
Due to unexpected reasons, if the thermostat cannot its work properly, your cars will surely going to heat. The engine radiator might not get the proper supply of coolant and surely won’t cool the engine.
However, if you have noticed overheating more frequently, just utilize a specialist service at Service My Car. 
Moreover, you can utilize the car scanning and diagnostics service during car maintenance to prevent such a condition in advance.
Malfunctioning Radiator
Radiator performs its duty to cool down the hot coolant. In general, the coolant tries to absorb the temperature of the engine. 
Then, it runs through the radiator so the fan can blow coolant’s heat out in the environment.
However, if a radiator or its fan has any defect, the coolant cannot get the heat blown out and remains hot.
Besides, there might be some sort of leakage of coolant around the radiator. It surely does not help a car’s engine to become cool.
However, it is always worth to approach a service centre such as Service My car for an instant car repair and avoid the bad situation such as overheating.
Terrible Water Pump
To get a car engine work properly, it is necessary for the coolant to flow through the cooling system. However, the water pump takes this responsibility.
In case, the water pump is damaged, the coolant cannot circulate through the engine. It surely does not get your car’s engine cool down. 
Look for a specialized service to get your vehicle working fine as soon as possible.
Low Engine Oil
Engine oil does more than that just a lubricant between many moving parts of an engine. It also helps in managing the temperature to some extent. The engine oil keeps the internal temperature under control.
However, a low level of engine oil surely does not have the capacity to perform its tasks. Low or extensively used oil cannot stop the internal temperature to rise. This leads to an overheating condition and eventually damage to the engine internally.
However, your car goes for a car oil change during the routine car service. In case, the engine oil has gone low, you should come to a service centre as soon as possible so that you can avoid the expensive car engine repair.
Low Level or Wrong Coolant
A coolant works under the hood to calm down a car’s engine. However, there might be a leakage somewhere around the engine. This might not be visible while you just experience an overheated engine.
Besides, your car’s engine might be overheating even after exchanging the coolant too. Not Sure about the cause! It is a wrong coolant, you have used in your car. 
This might require some sort of expertise to get to know more about the issue. You can come to the Service My Car for a quick inspection and our experts help in getting the entire flush out of cooling system to replace the proper one.
Worn Out Hoses
Cooling system entirely relies on the many hoses to do the job. These hoses help in propelling the coolant through the system. 
However, a mere wear in any the hose has the adverse effect to entire system. It leaks the coolant to reduce it in quantity.
Therefore, it is worth considering that the worn hoses might lead to an overheating condition. You have to be sure about the issue by visiting the Service My Car at the earliest.
Faulty Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor
Modern cars are equipped with the sensor that sends the information to the ECU (Electronic Control Unit). One such task is to assist the ECU to determine when to turn on or shut the cooling fan. 
Sensors sense the coolant temperature to intimate the computer about the condition. However, if a sensor fails, the whole process may get jeopardize. This surely causes car to overheat in no time.
However, an engine diagnosis is a sure shot remedy to many technical issues including sensor failure. You can easily avail it at Service My Car.
A car might overheat dues to many reasons as above stated. Some might have normal impact while others might be hazardous enough to make a hole in your pocket. 
While a oil change service muscat might let you keep ahead of these issue. But, if you take timely action, you may avoid loses. Just call us or book a service online.
731 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ahlam Majid 731 days ago
Ahlam M Essential Reasons Why Should You Not Ignore a Wheel Alignment?
While looking at the priorities of your vehicle maintenance, you may have the car oil change, fluid checkups or comprehensive car scanning and diagnostics at the top. However, the wheel alignment is often ignored. A well-maintained vehicle should not be short of anything.
Besides, the wheel alignment is directly associated with one of the critical parts of your car. These are the tyres and you won't be like to be a bit careless when it comes to the tyres of your car.
It does not seem wise to wait for the tyres to explode during a drive and pay more for the expensive repairs as well as car recovery services. Unfortunately, it may turn into something disastrous.
Keeping these things in mind, the wheel alignment should be taken care of as it is a critical part of your car's condition. Car owners often keep the tyre pressure in mind but wheel alignment is also necessary if they have been disassembled from the necessary angles as per factory specification.
Here, read on the critical points as to why you should not ignore such a car maintenance service.
You should not ignore the wheel alignment for a long time. It is best to opt for this service while you go for car maintenance. However, a careless approach often invites unexpected consequences such as –
Having Difficulty Steering Your Vehicle
A properly aligned vehicle tends to steer in a straight direction. On the other hand, the misaligned vehicles often drag into a particular direction either left or right.
They tend to steer in a direction as you try to steer straight. Such a condition becomes real trouble when you hit a highway or counter with busy traffic.
Besides, you can find yourself in testing circumstances while driving in bad weather.
However, you can avoid such an uncomfortable situation by a mere tune-up. You should approach Service My Car for a quick alignment of your car's wheel as soon as possible.
Irregular Wear to the Car's Tyres
Tyres contact the road during the movement of vehicles. They tend to wear out over time and more importantly in an equal manner. But, the misalignment does not allow them to wear evenly and these tyres develop uneven wear.
In case, you ignore the wheel alignment, the tyres often wear at the edges as compared to the core. It could severely damage the axels or the wheel itself during the rough rides.
Moreover, an uneven wear tyre does not offer the balance; a driver needs and it is prone to sudden blows at high speed. Such an incident does not only damage the vehicle but may turn into a fatal accident. However, people opt for tyre rotation but a wheel alignment is the only key to the safety of your vehicle.
Besides, uneven wear also raises the probability of a flat tyre. You should not neglect such critical car maintenance. Service My Car helps you in such an essential matter, but you have to pay a visit to one of our workshops.
Unmanaged Fuel Efficiency
As stated earlier, a misaligned vehicle drags in a direction. Therefore, it is evident that the engine has to push harder to keep things moving. If an engine works harder certainly it consumes more fuel than expected.
The misalignment of your vehicle has been forcing you to spend more on fuel. You can manage your fuel economy a bit with a simple effort; just bring your vehicle to one of our workshops.
Avoid Extra Expenses on Costly Repair
However, a car needs to be well maintained in all aspects. But, certain areas are more critical as compared to others. The wheel alignment is something you cannot avoid whether it is a new or older vehicle.
In case you drive with a misalignment, you surely have to buy a new set of tyres much before the usual time. Besides, it tends to harm the suspension system as it may turn into a costly car repair.
Misaligned wheels also cause performance issues as you do not get enough control over the vehicle while there is a lack of comfort.
It targets the car's engine too. There is a huge list that may burn a hole in your pocket if you ignore such mere maintenance. You won't like to waste your money on a costly car repair.
The above-mentioned points hint at the issue that can appear due to wheel misalignment. However, it does not bring a lot of joy, but surely it ensures the safety of your vehicle. It is worth spending on the wheel alignment as compared to replacing a car's tyres prematurely or repairing the skewed steering and managing the vibrating car.
However, you usually come to know once your car's wheels are misaligned. It is quite evident as your car tries to steer down either left or right. Besides, it is recommended to arrange an inspection once or twice a year.
You can arrange a wheel alignment service at one of our workshops. Service My Car assures you a reliable volkswagen mot by our team of experts.
Avoid any hustle and call us or book our service online.
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ShangKuan L
  • 太蠢了,居然只抄了機票價,漏了機場稅...其實至少要兩萬五
  • 別忘記還有燃料稅等雜項費用
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Reke W
  • 基金會有「人才培育 」,可能較有機會。產品線較有關係的領域是光儲能跟家庭數位(DVD播放器)
Reke W
  • 北科大校友,目前校內有一棟億光樓。透過北科處理
  • 無基金會,有贊助前例,銷售主被動元件、儀器、手工具並代客找尋特殊規格零件
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  • 無基金會,有贊助前例,光電與半導體產業之設備電子模組、及真空系統銷售及維修
  • 無基金會,有贊助前例,智能視膜、智能視窗、智能一體機
  • 無基金會,有贊助前例,影像顯示處理技術之IC設計
  • 無基金會,有贊助前例,生產通信檢測儀器為主,近年來更朝向太陽光電檢測設備相關領域發展
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